5 Winter Family Events Around Denver to Attend

5 Winter Family Events Around Denver to Attend

  • Brian Grimm
  • 01/8/23

The biting chill of the cold may keep us indoors during the winter, but Colorado invites us to step outside. Few states transform into such a winter wonderland. The Denver region provides endless wintry fun for families hoping to create new memories and start off the new year on a good note. Here are five must-see events celebrating winter, family, and community in Colorado.

Wonderful winter carnivals

Carnivals are multi-day events perfect for bringing the entire family to enjoy a variety of sights and activities. Keep in mind that these events sell alcohol but are otherwise safe for children to attend with adult supervision.

UllrGrass (January 27-29, 2023)

UllrGrass is a bluegrass music and beer festival hosted in Golden, right at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The festival is open to all ages, with free admission to daytime music performances for children 15 and under. For three days, visitors dress in Viking-style clothing and enjoy live music events, performing arts, and a selection of craft beer. It’s much like the Renaissance Festival, but for Nordics! There’s also a band and costume contest if you’re keen on putting your artistry and creativity to the test.

UllrGrass is famous for being one of the Top Ten Outdoor Festivals in Colorado. It invites you and your family to partake in Golden’s community and fanfare while it lasts.

Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival (February 8-12, 2023)

The Winter Carnival at Steamboat Springs is a celebration of Steamboat’s heritage and love for winter sports. The carnival features a variety of activities, including horse-drawn sleds and obstacle courses. There’s also a fireworks performance by the Lighted Man, a 70-pound, battery-powered costume ready to light up the night. You’ll also find street events, a parade, a s’more party, a fireworks show, an 80s-themed mountain soiree, and so much more.

First established as a way to combat cabin fever, the carnival has become a beloved annual tradition for the people of Steamboat Springs. It has grown so much over the years since then, attracting guests from all over the world. Be sure to check out their event schedule and registration details on their website. Some events need paid admissions, while others are free.

Leadville Ski Joring & Crystal Carnival (March 3-5, 2023)

The Ski Joring and Crystal Carnival weekend is a local event held in Leadville. It highlights the unique sport of ski joring but also hosts dancing, social parties, and live music. The Elks Lodge and nearby bars are open during the festival, offering drinks, music, and other small but enjoyable events. Guests may also enjoy action-packed races like the Harrison Nordic Knockout Sprints, a race that pits your speed against a team of horses. Other races include the Leadville Winter Mountain Bike Series, a fat tire bike race that runs through a historic mining town, and the Leadville Nordic Paintball Biathlon, an exciting combination of skiing and paintball that tests the true extent of your skill and finesse. The carnival is a weekend-long extravaganza you and your family simply must experience this new year.

Enchanting ice and snow festivals

Discover the mystical beauty and excitement of winter showcased at these family-friendly festivals. These events are great for parents looking for different things to do across several days.

Ouray Ice Festival (January 19-22, 2023)

The annual Ouray Ice Festival is a fundraising event held in the town of Ouray. The festival celebrates ice climbing by transforming the entire town into an icy paradise. Since its first year, the Ice Festival has attracted people from all over the world to hone their skills. Aside from its world-class ice climbing, the festival also offers many other events. These include movie screenings, an indoor winter pool party, and climbing courses designed for children. Parents may enjoy competitions, fireside chats, outdoor gear expos, and educational clinics.

Admission is completely free! Check out the event schedule to plan which days you would like to attend. All proceeds go toward the operation of the Ouray Ice Park, the town’s prized winter park.

Cripple Creek Ice Festival (February 18-26, 2023)

After a two-year hiatus, the famous Cripple Creek Ice Festival is set to finally return in the new year. The organizers promise a larger, more exciting event this time around but will still honor timeless traditions held in past years. Visitors will once again be able to enjoy ice carving challenges with a $1,000 cash prize every Saturday. There will also be ice mazes and slides, interactive ice sculptures, and plenty of food and shopping. Over 160 pounds of solid ice are carved and shaped into the masterpieces seen at the festival — and most of them are perfectly acceptable to touch. In fact, you and your children are encouraged to do so! This beloved festival is a wonderful event for families with children. The organizers expect to have one of the greatest comebacks of the year.

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These events are only five out of many winter spectacles hosted across Colorado. If you love winter sports or want to create new memories with your family, you may want to consider buying a vacation home. You may even contemplate a permanent move. Denver and many more towns are perfect for adventurous families who don’t let the cold stop them from enjoying time together.

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